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Pay Per Click Related Internet Statistics




PulseMedia is a Modern Publisher, the Cyberequivalent of a print magazine, as its revenue derives from ads

But PulseMedia has a leg up on the traditional magazine, because our pages are reader-centric.

Articles are written with real internet search requests in mind, and Google delivers highly relevant advertisements to each page.

The statistics you can find at the links on the left outline and trace the growth of the industries and trends that drive PulseMedia.

Brian Carter, acupuncturist, herbalist, and author

An executive summary of these statistics as of March 18, 2005:

  • The pay per click (PPC) market is growing quickly
  • Its existence in the near future is certain:
    • it is the bulk of's revenue
    • the other major players, Yahoo and MSN, are commited to competing for market share
    • many companies in multiple industries already include ppc in their marketing mix, and many plan to increase its % this year
    • customer acquisition is from one-half to one-sixth the cost of other advertising methods including yellow pages, email, and direct mail
  • This market is projected to grow dramatically, probably for at least a decade.
    • The penetration of internet and adoption of internet marketing is not yet complete, but is progressing
    • ppc marketing is the fastest growing type of marketing, and is growing at nearly twice the rate of advertising in general
    • PPC search marketing is smaller but growing in countries around the world, including Europe and Asia especially
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