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Oregon Resort: Satisfy Your Vacation Dreams

Oregon resort accommodations near the beach have breathtaking views of the coast and offer a variety of activities to enjoy.



Oregon Resort

by Amy Finley

What an Oregon Resort Offers

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing rest or an invigorating adventure, you can easily find an Oregon resort to meet your vacation needs. From romantic getaways to family fun, you have many options in Oregon’s breathtaking western beauty in activities, resort style, and price.

The first step is to narrow down what types of activities you enjoy doing. Once you decide, check out Oregon resort vacation deals and various travel sites to find the best prices. Many times a partially or all-inclusive package deal will save you some money over individual expenditures.

Oregon Beach Resorts

If the beach beckons you, you might consider an Oregon resort on the coast near the beach. Snorkeling, swimming, sand, sun, and more are yours for the taking. Great for any group, from singles road trips to anniversaries celebrations and family adventure, Oregon resort accommodations near the beach have breathtaking views of the coast and offer a variety of activities to enjoy.

If you’re a wine lover, you can tempt your palate by visiting local vineyards and wineries when you stay at an Oregon resort near the coast.

Dude Ranches and Outdoor Adventure

Another type of Oregon resort to consider is a dude ranch. You can find many of these located in the Portland and central Oregon areas. Enjoy horseback riding, nature, swimming, wildlife, canoeing, paddling, kayaking, and more when you stay at an Oregon dude ranch. Many places also offer programs for families during a weeklong stay.

If you love fishing, you can find many an Oregon resort all over the state from Willamette Valley to the eastern part of the state that offer great fishing close to your resort.

Biking, tennis, golf, hiking, and many other outdoor activities offered at an Oregon resort are perfect for families looking to have fun, reconnect, and create meaningful memories.

Spas, Shopping, and Romance at an Oregon Resort

Southern Oregon is highly recommended for finding spa-like chateaus and resorts, unique shopping and boutiques, and romantic getaways. An Oregon resort in the Ashland area can offer access to great shopping, fine dining, galleries, and history, blending relaxation with excitement and tourism.

You can also find spa Oregon resort accommodations in many other areas as well. Hot springs and athletic and fitness resorts are also an option.

If you’re interested in gambling, you can also find many Oregon resort options that include gambling. Evening shows are another bonus offered by many Oregon resorts.

Oregon Resort Skiing

At the opposite end of the spectrum from an Oregon beach resort, there are many Oregon resort options for a phenomenal ski vacation. The Mt. Hood is one area that offers a variety of ski resorts with beautiful views, great dining, and easy access to skiing, snow shoeing, and other snowy sensations.

Shop around to get the best prices on your Oregon resort vacation, and don’t forget to checkout special offers and discounts during off the off-season. You may be able to find a phenomenal deal by planning your trip just prior to or just after the time resorts receive an influx of tourists. Find out specific dates for discounted rates to start planning your Oregon trip in advance.

Oregon resort areas are known for their friendly staff, gorgeous views, and myriad of choices and activities. Your only limitations are your budget and imagination!


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