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493 mln pairs of athletic shoes sold in 2004

About 493 mln pairs of athletic shoes were sold in 2004, up nearly 5% from 471 mln pairs sold in 2003, according to NPD Group/NPD Fashionworld.

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14% of Hilton Hotels reservations are now made through Web site

Hilton Hotels Corp. has seen the percentage of bookings made through its own proprietary sites grow from 2% in 2000 to 14% today, and it projects that 40% of bookings will be completed on a Hilton site by 2010.

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68% of those buying travel on the Internet value descriptive content

According to the Forrester Research study of Internet travel buyers, when researching travel sites 68% of them value "descriptive content." Other valued items, preferred by 50% of travellers, are destination maps, pictures of the hotel room, local dining information, activities, entertainment and events, airline seat maps, and weather information.

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10% of UK population has a Paypal account

PayPal has reached 6.3 mln accounts in the UK, with the firm estimating that 10% of the UK population now has a Paypal account. That represents a 144% growth in the number of accounts held with the company. A third of the country's 15 mln online shoppers use the service.

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Hardware buyers conduct 4.9 searches before buying

According to DoubleClick, shoppers on fitness/sports sites conducted 2.5 searches in the 12 weeks preceding a purchase; apparel buyers made 4.7 searches and computer hardware buyers made 4.9. Travel buyers were the most search engine reliant, averaging 6 relevant searches in the 12 weeks before their transaction. The study found shoppers favouring generic terms early in the buying cycle, such as "running shoes," as opposed to a merchant brand. Brand-specific searches accounted for only 18.1% to 28.5% of all searches those buyers conducted, depending on the categories.

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17.7 mln shopped online for the first time in 2004

The 2004 holiday season attracted about 17.7 mln new online shoppers, according to JupiterResearch. Online retail spending during November and December 2004 reached $22.1 bln, up 22% from the previous year. Online retail sales in 2005 will reach $79 bln, about 20% more than the $66 bln spent in 2004.

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Half of US Hispanics are ready to spend $500 and more on jewelry

US Hispanic consumers are willing to spend large amounts of money on jewelry, according to Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council (JCOC). That could mean big business for retailers, considering there are 39 mln Hispanic consumers in the United States, a number that continues to grow. The study finds that 75% of respondents already own fine jewelry, and more than half of them will spend more than $500 on fine jewelry purchases in the next few months.

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79.3% of those who shop online buy travel online

The BURST! study found that 79.3% of those who made online purchases bought airline tickets. 67.7% booked hotel rooms sight unseen on the Web, while only 37.5% rented cars online. Overall, 43% of the BURST! survey respondents made some type of travel-related purchase online. 64.6% of women who researched airfares online went on to purchase tickets, and 64.1% of women who explored car rentals on the Web reserved a car online. Only 59% of men who investigated airfares online bought tickets on the Web, and just 58.5% of men who used the Web to scrutinize car reservations rented a car online.

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Online jewelry sales reached $1.9 bln in 2004

In 2003 $20.5 bln in diamonds and diamond jewelry was sold in the US, according to the Jewelers of America, up nearly 10% from $18.7 bln two years before. 83% of the brides in the United States say that they want a diamond engagement ring - and their grooms spent $4.3 bln in 2004 on them. Online sales of all jewelry rose to $1.9 bln during the 2004 Christmas season, more than doubling from $900 mln the year before, according to Bear Stearns. The average price for an engagement ring on is close to $5,000 - about twice the national average - and one sold for $257,000 last fall.

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9% of Ford vehicles were sold through Internet referrals

Ford, Lincoln and Mercury dealers sold more than 210,000 vehicles from FordDirect Internet referrals last year, FordDirect reports, accounting for 9% of total Ford division sales in 2004. FordDirect is a joint effort of Ford Motor Co. and its dealers to sell cars via the Internet. Formed in August 2000 with 15 dealers in New Jersey, it now represents over 3,900 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury dealers nationwide. hosts more than 3.5 mln monthly visitors and delivered to dealers more than 1.5 mln referrals on new vehicles. FordDirect allows dealers to sell new and used vehicles online and track online customers.

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Online movie sales to reach $3.6 bln in 2010

Informa Media and Telecoms predicts the value of internet film revenues (sales of both hardcopy and digital) to increase fourfold from 2002 to 2010, reaching $3.6 bln by 2010. The US will mop up most of the sales, racking up around 47% of all worldwide sales in 2010. In 2004, hard formats had a 99.3% of the market. By 2010, that's expected to drop to 72.9%. Digital sales of films will continue to rise in parallel, growing from $11.7 mln last year to $976.5 mln in 2010.

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