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A Canadian Rockies tour is truly majestic and breathtaking, and if you would like a unique experience you should consider planning a tour soon!


Canadian Rockies Tour

by Rachel Johnson

A Canadian Rockies tour could be one of the most adventurous awe-inspiring experiences of your life. A tour through the region promises to bring you sites you have never before laid eyes on, and have only heard about. A Canadian Rockies tour is truly majestic and breathtaking, and if you would like a unique experience you should consider planning a tour soon!

There are many beautiful resorts that you may have the opportunity to visit on your Canadian Rockies tour. Each area and resort has many unique things to offer. The opportunity for recreation and fun in the Canadian Rockies are endless. Those on tour can take part in many activities such as golfing, climbing, hiking, helicopter tours, nature watching, and even trail riding.

Some must see Canadian Rockies tour attractions:

· The town of Canmore is seated at the entrance of The Banuff National Park. The town features cozy accommodations, tasty restaurants, craft shops, and galleries which all cater to the lovely mountain experience. This is truly a cozy little town that will add to your memorable tour!

· The town of Banuff, which is the home of natural hot springs, Bow Falls, Sulphur Mountain, and cruises on Lake Minnewanka! A stroll through the Main Street shops is the place to find that perfect Canadian Rockies tour memorabilia!

· Lake Louise and Lake Jasper, which feature gondola, rides through Lake Louise ski area that feature the most breathtaking views.

· Radium Hot Springs should not be missed on your Canadian Rockies tour! Radium is located just three hours west of Calgary and the mountain village has something to offer all tourists! A day on the golf course, a walk through alpine meadows, beautiful mountain views, and of course a soak in the depths of a natural hot spring!

· Columbia Icefields are a must see on your Canadian Rockies tour! This is a gigantic accumulation of snow and ice left over from the ice age. Travelers are able to experience the natural phenomenon inside of a Sno-Cat!

Of course, these are just a few of the great sights you can see on your Canadian Rockies tour! There are also snow coach rides, the Jasper Tramway, museums, and all sorts of other wonderful opportunities! Your trip can be as complex and lengthy as you’d like, or it can be simple! You can pick and choose what you’d like to see, and you’ll still get more than you ever expected!

If you’d like to plan your own trip, you’ll have a great time picking and choosing what you’d like to see. There will be helpful people at each stop to help guide you on your way through your Canadian Rockies tour! If you’d like to leave the planning to someone else, there are several companies that offer beautiful tours. Call your local travel agent and they should be able to help you. If you’d prefer, you can also book your tour yourself through the Internet!

The cost of your Canadian Rockies tour is really dependent on what you want to see and how long you’d like your tour to last. You can go on a budget, or you can make it a luxury vacation! No matter what type of tour you’d like to take, you’ll be blown away! Have a great time!

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