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Updated July 24, 2003








Rewriting is Writing
By Brian Benjamin Carter, MSci, LAc

This is a companion resource for my September 2003 Acupuncture Today article, "How and Why to Write About Chinese Medicine to the Public."

In that article, I emphasized the importance of rewriting, and I offered a copy of the Word doc as an example.

This doc recorded my edits after the first draft. You should be able to see them right away, but if not, go to the Tools menu (in Word), select Track Changes>Highlight Changes, and select 'Highlight Changes on Screen.'

Next is the link. If you click, it will just open it in Word for you, and you'll have to save it somewhere. Or, you can right-click on the link, and choose 'Save Target As' to save it on your computer. Click or right-click here for the doc.

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